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Hi there,

Well, for starters I realized I have been spelling Mizou’s name wrong. It is Misou.  Maybe this is why she has been having issues with me?  People do not like it when you misspell or misprounounce their names, and since cats think they are people I am sure she must have been holding this against me.  Now that we have that settled, I am sure things will go much smoother.

Anyway, I shared my cookies yesterday.  Okay, a co-worker took one cookie, but I offered up my home-made and most favorite Christmas cookie – the gingerbread cookie.  My parent’s next door neighbor makes me a plate of goodies each year for Christmas.  I brought my last two remaining gingerbread cookies to work. When a co-worker “complained” about not being able to bring her cookies in to share with us, and was in want of a cookie, I offered up the gingerbread.  She said, “Thank you”, and we went on with our day.

My second act of kindness involved holding the door for someone at work when I would rather have let it close.  In this instance, it is not even a personal thing, it is office politics. I tried to smile as I was holding the door and be polite, but not sure how successful I was at it.  She smiled in return, but it got me to thinking.  I was only kind because of a responsibility to do it. My heart was not in it.  This got me to thinking about kindness and love.

It is much easier to do something nice for someone I like, but much harder to do something nice for someone I dislike.  It is partly my own stubborness.  If I were to own the truth, simply put, it is mostly due to a lack of caring for this person.  If, however, this person was going through a tough personal crisis – the loss of a parent or a child’s illness, I could get past my own pettiness and feel real compassion. But I let the small things bubble over inside of my heart, and then swim around in my own pettiness.  I seem to even enjoy it.

I think the rewards are much greater though when we push past our own biases.  I am not speaking of material rewards, but in the emotional and/or spiritual realm of things.  If I stopped enjoying my pettiness and grew up, I might start to see each person as a beloved creation of God, instead of someone who gets on my nerves (whatever the reason may be). 

And yes, we all have different temperaments and personalities, which becomes the challenge of really loving and respecting others in spite of our differences.  I need to try and remember that we all have stress in our lives outside of work. I am not the only one. 

Yes, the rewards will definitely be greater for me when I choose to acknowledge and value others for who they are, not for what they represent.  Emotionally, I will become more mature, and the best reward, God must smile on me when I show genuine love, and do an act of kindness not out of obligation or duty, but from a pure heart.






Two blogs in a row. Amazing.  I guess that is the point. Blogging is an everyday affair.  sigh…

So, today I was the recipient of a random act of kindness.  I had lunch with a friend, and she paid for lunch with a “Merry Christmas” wish.  I really have to pull up my bootstraps.  Or at least be quicker on the draw.  Anyway, it was nice to connect with her. I think the servers were wondering if we would ever leave.  We women can talk, and it’s not like it was busy or anything.  All this to say, we had a great time over a two hour or so lunch.

On the cat note, Mizou has come out of hiding.  (Another prayer answered!)  I honestly wondered if she were alive. I mean I assumed she were alive, but just in case.  She was hiding in the lining underneath the boxspring mattress.  I poked her, but she made no sound.  (I may have mentioned this before.  By the way, cat lovers, it was a gentle poke. A “Hey, are you alive” poke?)  She still doesn’t want to have much to do with me, but I was grateful for her blessing me with her company.  I petted her. She walked around me. Not sure if she was marking her territory. I might belong to Mizou. 

Well, I am off to clean her litter.  I think this counts as an act of love, don’t you?



PS – She is making another guest appearance.  Nice!!!


Mizou has arrived and so has Christmas…

Hello there,

As noted in the title, Mizou has arrived.  She arrived and has gone into hiding. At least during the day.  She began hiding underneath my bed, and has now moved into the lining of the mattress underneath my bed.  I gave her a poke to see if she were alive, and nothing.  Not even a little attitude.  (I am so used to cats with attitude!)  I am going to fill the cat dish again to see if she comes out and eats. This is my only evidence that she is moving. 

The first two nights she wondered around my apartment meowing.  I hadn’t thought about that part of cat-sitting.  She woke me up two nights in a row at 1 a.m.  Needless to say I was pretty tired for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  Last night, I slept through. Not sure if I was just exhausted or if she has stopped meowing.  The latter would be lovely!

I drove home Christmas night in the snow. It didn’t stop all day.  I just prayed – Jesus, please get me home safe.  I also asked for the snow to let up.  One prayer was answered, and so since I am writing this blog, you can make a pretty good guess as to which one it was. 

I realized that I can control my speed and driving, but no one else’s.  People were flying past me in their Pick-ups, SUV’s, Hummers, as if it weren’t snowing at all and the roads were perfect.  (Can you sense how annoyed I am at people in their four-wheel drive vehicles acting like they are invincible?  You are not, and neither am I!!)  Inevitably, one person lost control and was swaying back and forth across the Queensway. I am really not sure how he wasn’t bouncing off of the guard railings and concrete divider. It looked like it was in slow motion as I watched the scene not too far in front of me. 

I then noticed that one of the vehicles in front put on his/her four-way flashers to warn those of us behind.  An act of kindess and a very smart one too!!  I was very grateful and thankful that there were no collisions as a result of the spin-out on Christmas night.

I came home and willingly confess to you that I had a decaf coffee with Bailey’s.  Yes, I was driven to drink.

So, “my” act of kindness is actually someone else’s.  A big thank you to whoever you are for warning us that there was an accident waiting to happen.   

Hope you all had a safe and a Merry Christmas.



Bag O’ Trash


I was heading out to work this morning when I noticed a bag of garbage in the hallway.  I was pretty annoyed that someone would just leave a bag of trash in the hall.  As if it were a job for the ‘cleaners’ to do.

I was going to leave it, but then thought about my superintendants.  Maybe I should bring it downstairs to the garbage room?  I picked it up, and took it into the elevator with me.

As the elevator was slowly moving downward, I noticed that the ‘garbage’  looked more like recycling, but I continued on with my mission.  Afterall, who knows how long it might have sat there.

So, all this to say, I am not sure if I was actually helpful. 

Has anyone read a blog today inquiring after a bag of recycling gone missing?  (Shh, don’t tell them it was me.)

Take care,




Hi again,

Cats, cats, cats.

Well actually there is only one cat named Misou.  Yesterday my friend emailed me to see if I would be interested in cat-sitting for her friend, who is making an unexpected trip to China.  I knew it was an opportunity to do a ‘random act of kindness’ for someone, but cat-sitting?  I love animals! And this was my reason for hesitating.  Cats miss their owners. Change stresses them out.  They get sad, lonely, angry, and then they take it out on the poor sap watching them.  In this case, me. 

I decided to do it!  Misou will be arriving on Friday evening, and will be staying with me until January 9th. 

I confess I am looking forward to her visit. I had to put my cat Patches down a couple of years ago.  He began taking seizures, and my vet told me that it cannot be controlled in cats. Dogs, yes, but cat’s, no.  So in some ways, I feel like I am getting something out of this one.  A cat!  A nice snuggly warm cozy fur-ball. 

So, this whole trusting that people will cross my path who are in need of help is pretty cool so far. I never would have imagined that I would get to cat-sit!! 

And, with respect to my previous blog post. Remember when I said I had this blogging thing pretty well figured out. Well, I lied. Not intentionally, but I created this website and a blog.  They are separate and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to combine the two.  There must be a way. There must.  Oh yes, if you would like to check out the website, it is

This is all for now.  Thank you for reading.

With love,



December 16, 2011

Hi there,

Righto. I am a rookie indeed.  I lost my first draft, but I think I
have got this blogging thing sorted out.  Or not.

I went through my day thinking about doing a random act of kindness for someone, anyone.  I had this picture of myself running around the city helping someone in need or someone not in need. 
I could get annoying if left to my own devices.  Must have self-control.  Maybe I should have thought up some ‘boundaries’ and ‘restrictions’ for myself?  Like, do not incessantly ask someone if they are in need of assistance when they have already said “no” 10 times.  That’s just not cool, Ellie!

That said, I just met my cousin and gave him Christmas presents
for his children. While we were talking, a neighbor came into the building  carrying a large package.  So, you guessed it. I held the door open for her.  YEAH!  Random Act of Kindness Number 1.  (I didn’t even have to force my kindness on anyone.  And, don’t worry, I will not be numbering my random acts.  That would be like patting myself on the back. Again, not cool!)

Well, good night and thank you for reading.