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Still Learning

Hello there,

It’s been awhile.  I have been having issues trying to figure out how to add a “New Post”.  I think these WordPress people made some changes.  🙂

Anyway, I think I have got it, again.

So, last week I was finally able to meet up with a friend of mine. I had been trying to give her a Christmas present since December 11th.   When I gave her her present, she immediately said, “But I have nothing for you”. 

Her reaction was pretty much what I had written about in my objectives/mission. She had difficulty accepting the present.  She needed to repay me with something, but couldn’t.  I came face to face with that problem or issue.  The thing is, is that I hadn’t really prepared myself on how I would or should respond to that false perception.  I immediately talked about how she had been driving me to doctor’s appointments etc., to alleviate her guilt.  I justified my gift instead of letting a better justification. 

Love. She is my friend. It is Christmas.  I find great joy in giving presents. It is fun for me.  I also enjoy receiving presents.  That is fun for me too, so feel free to bring me a present when you drop over.  🙂

I don’t quite know where we got off track on not being able to receive, of having that mentality that nothing is free, of being indebted to the person giving the gift.  It seems sad to me that we are a people who cannot or who have difficulty receiving good things/gifts.

And then I think about God. He delights in giving good gifts to His children, and yet I find myself stuck.  I too have that same mentality of having difficulty receiving.

I must try and remember that as much joy as I have in giving gifts to those I love, God’s joy must be even greater.  And, in not being able to receive His good gifts, I am not only denying myself, but also God.  I am stealing God’s joy too, which seems doubly silly.  Not only would God be filled with joy for giving the good gift, but in receiving the blessing, so would I.  So, I guess my “Still Learning” title ended up being more suitable that I had realized.  That makes me smile!!

God’s blessings on you this day. I pray that you would not miss one single good gift that God or that anyone else would want to give you.  Amen.




Hello there,

Remember when I said cats were fickle creatures. Well, Misou has proved just how fickle.  She is supposed to be gone now.  My floor is supposed to be litter-free. 

She is in her hiding place. Under the bed, but inside the lining of the box-spring.  So, when her “mama” came to pick her up, she wouldn’t come out.  I thought for sure as soon as she heard that familiar voice she would be out like a shot, but nope.  Stubborn, stubborn cat!!  I might have another night with Misou. 

My act of love?  Yesterday, I was walking along the sidewalk and was approaching a parking lot. I noticed a car proceeding to exit the parking lot, and realized he was not going to stop at the sidewalk.  So, I paused and waited.  How is that an act of love, you ask?  Well, I decided to not let him run me over. He would have felt pretty bad I imagine, running over an innocent pedestrian. 

I also side-stepped a person who was engaged with his i-pad, or i-phone or some-i-thing, and not paying attention to where he was going.  He did look up just in time to step aside as well. 

So, I did not yell or rant about these people who are completely oblivious to others.  (Although, I suppose I may sometimes be guilty of this too.)

I also donated some clothes that either do not fit me or that I have not worn in a long time.  Same place as the chocolate as a matter of fact.  My closet looks lighter and therefore better.  I only wish I were lighter.

Misou!!  Come out Misou!  Oh MEEEEEEZZOOOOOOO!!!




Hi there,

As promised, here’s your Misou update:
She is putty in my hands. 

She jumped up on my bed. And I was sitting on it!!!  I began to brush her, and she was loving it.  She flopped on her side/back and stretched.  Yup, she loves me.  And she is growing on me too. 

She has been with me for 13 days.  We are making good progress.  Of course, she is leaving on Tuesday night.  5 more sleeps.  Oh well. I will enjoy having a cat while she is with me.

I am combining yesterday’s act of kindness with today’s blog. It is not because I didn’t do anything nice today or because I was just feeling too blah to write yesterday.  Or it could be a combination of both.

Here’s the to do: 

My parents gave me a giant box of chocolates for Christmas.  They didn’t want me to recognize the box this year, and say, “Mmm, chocolates”.  They succeeded.  I opened up the biggest box of chocolates I had ever seen, and thought, ‘Do they want me to look like Ms. Piggy?  Really?”  I mean, I appreciated the gift.  And, I thought about having people over to help me eat them, but thought, they’d probably be polite and only eat one each.  I would be left with the rest to eat all by myself.  (Can you hear me singing?  All by myself…Sorry, I digress.)

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to give them to a local organization that helps women living in poverty, homelessness and abused women and children.  So, I brought them yesterday.  The lady said it was “Bingo day” and that they would be a big hit with the women.  She asked if I was “sure” I didn’t want them, and I said, “Yup!”   She thanked me again as I was walking away. 

This act of kindness doesn’t really seem like an act of kindness on my part.  I will make my confession:  My pants are tight.  I feel like Ms. Piggy because of all the chocolates and cookies and home baking I have been eating over the holidays.  

But, I imagine the eyes of the bingo-playing-women as they see the box of chocolates opened before them.  I see them standing around the chocolates trying to decide which one to take.  It’s such a difficult decision. We know we want to try them all!!  And then I see the smiles as they bite into one of the most delicious chocolatey chocolates.  Ahh, chocolate makes me glad to be a woman. 

I thank God for inventing the cocoa bean.  That is kindness indeed!

Take care,


Blind Spot


Today was bloody cold out there.  (Sorry for the uncouth language Your Majesty. I guess if Jean Chretien can say, “Merde” in front of the Queen, I’m probably okay.)  But, yikes, it was cold, cold.  I was coming home from work after making a minor pit-stop, and as I came out of the building a nice lady waited and held the door for me.  I thanked her and tried to look behind me to see if someone else was coming, so I could return the favour, but didn’t see anyone until it was too late.  I let the door slam, well close, on someone.  Darn it all. I had my touque and my hoodie on, and couldn’t see her until I had moved away from the door.

I guess you win some,  and you lose some. 

Someone told me that a local radio station has been encouraging people to do random acts of kindness.  A part of me thought, ‘Hey, that’s my idea’, but the thing they are encouraging people to do is to wait and hold the door for someone. 

In my first blog, I was desperate to do a kind deed.  I made holding the door for someone it, but I thought I was grasping at straws really.  I mean, I grew up in the country, so you have to be nice to people. Especially the old ones.  Otherwise, you’ll get a spankin’ when you get home. I’m not kidding. Well, kind of, a bit. 

I couldn’t believe that holding the door for someone is actually a big deal in this city.  Are we are all so busy that we can’t or don’t bother to take the time to stop and wait for someone?  Or, is it that we are not paying attention?  So self absorbed we are.  Or I could blame technology.  I guess all these things are bad. Equally?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Who am I to say, really?

I was also having a conversation with someone last night, and he said there was a study done on the distance being dependent on whether someone will wait to hold the door for someone.  I have not looked at the study myself.  This is complete heresay, but apparently, women are more likely to hold the door. Men will most likely not hold the door for other men, but will hold the door for women, especially the pretty ones.  (Go figure!)  Now, if you are Pamela Anderson, you can be 10 km away from the door and the man will wait for you.  How does the guy know it’s even you. Can he see your boobs from that far away?

Right, focus. 

So, I guess I’ll jump on the band wagon and encourage you/and me to pay attention to your/my surroundings.  (I promise to not use my winter attire as a sad excuse for slamming the door in your face.)  🙂

Oh yes, and one last thing. Misou actually came out to greet me when I came home at lunch time today.  Cats are fickle creatures.  Honestly, I get my broom out to retrieve the ball she has batted under the sofa, and she cowers like I am going to beat her with it.  I am doing her a favour and the drama Queen puts one paw up to her forehead and faints.  (Ahh, I could write an entire blog about cats – fascinating creatures.)





I am finding that I am receiving more than I am giving.  Maybe there are extra blessings to be received in light of taking in Misou?   Maybe God just knows that I am in need of some kindness myself right now?

I have already ‘ranted’ about how I need to pull up my bootstraps over  a friend paying for lunch over the Christmas vacation.  That same week I went out for lunch with a couple of co-workers, and one of them offered to buy our lunches.  I went to a different cash, and so he was unable to pay for mine, but the point is is that he was doing a random act of kindness.

As I was out walking today two older ladies smiled at me. Their smiles were bright, big and welcoming. I have been in pain again, due to a injury of a disc in my back.  It has been sore again this past week, but I am able to walk even though the pain is traveling into my left leg and calf.  

At one point in my walk I honestly did not know if I could go on. I looked around thinking I might have to double back along some side street, but then a nice lady gave me a nice warm smile.  It helped my spirit.  As I was walking toward home, another lady smiled warmly and said, “Hello”.  Again, I felt my spirit within me encouraged. 

Lesson learned today.  Smile. It could make someone’s day.  It is very easy to do, and will cost you nothing.