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So, I am not feeling very creative today;  hence, “untitled”. 

I did not hold the elevator for anyone today as I was not given the opportunity. However, I was quite annoyed by people who take up the whole sidewalk.  There was a herd of people coming toward me today at lunchtime.  I was almost pushed off the sidewalk.  Fortuntely, there is a cobblestone bit beside the sidewalk, so I was not forced into oncoming traffic.

It made me think about my heart though.  I know sometimes people are annoying. I am people.  I am annoying too.  So, maybe I should try and take things more lightly.  Not get so annoyed by these little petty things that have no consequence whatsoever.  I didn’t stay angry. I enjoyed the rest of my walk over my lunch hour. 

I did do a good thing today.  A friend of mine is off work due to illness.  As I am on vacation next week, I decided to go to the spa.  Today I reconfimed that she is able to come.  I was planning on going early in the morning until I remembered that she does not do well with early morning.  So, we are going late morning.  The plan is to  get some lunch at a nice restaurant, and then head over to the baths (Finnish spa).  We are both very excited. 

But, I have definitely been thinking about my heart today, and how it is just not right. 

I reconnected with this particular friend only after I had another incident with my lower back.  The first incident was surgery.  A pretty major incident.  After I returned to work post-surgery, I ‘forgot’ all about her.  I became too busy with life.   This recent incident kept me off work for approximately two months, and then part time for another month.  It was when I returned to this low point that I remembered how terrible it is to be off of work, while the world goes on without me.  And I thought of my friend, who has been off work since the summer of 2009.  How completely unfair.

I am thankful for the reminder to make time for those who are sick.  Not because of pity, and not because I am thankful that I have my health, but because it is really horrible to feel ‘left behind’ by a world moving at lighting speed.  I know this feeling all too well. 

So, off to the spa we go. And it is going to be fun, fun, fun.  Unfortunately, we can’t really laugh and talk at the spa, but the car ride and lunch will be wildly fun!  I can’t wait.

And, I’ll try to be super cool tomorrow walking down the street.  🙂

Bye for now.



I’m Alive

Hello there,

Well, I did not die from the trifling cold.  However, I am still coughing and am having some sinus issues.  (In case you wanted to know.)  I am in day 17.  Apparently, it lasts for 3 whole long excruciating weeks.  Ah, the common cold. 

I did finally make it to the gym today. I renewed my membership.  Proof that I expect to live. 

The reason I mention the gym is not because I am trying to make those who have not worked out today feel bad, but because I got to do a random act of kindness.  A fellow gym-mate was approaching the door with a coffee in one hand and a bag of something in the other, so yes, I opened and held the door for him. He thanked me.  We walked upstairs, and then he promptly changed the television channel in front of my elliptical machine.  Honestly, you do a good deed for someone, and then….  Just kidding. He asked if it was okay to change the channel and I said, “Yes”. Two good deeds in a row, and that with a cough and a runny nose.

Can you imagine how much more wonderful I will be when I am not sick?  I think I may be nicer when I am not feeling well.  When you are on your death bed, you just see things in a whole new light.  Okay, I will let go of the “Oh God, just end my misery already” and move on.

I have noticed other people’s acts of kindness.  One man risked life and limb (which is not smart by the way) to hold the elevator door for someone.  I get annoyed.  I think, “Take the next elevator dammit!”  I am not even in a rush to get to work. In fact, you’d think I would enjoy the extra time, but nope, I get a rise of annoyance every time. 

So, maybe that’s what I will do tomorrow.  Hold the elevator with joy in my heart and a smile on my face!  Now that’s going to be a challenge. 



If I should die from this trifling cold


I have not written in awhile.

And today, I am at home sick, feeling quite sorry for myself.  So, I decided to write myself a eulogy.  I think it is best to speak for oneself.  And, I like to be prepared, even for death itself.
So, here is my poem:

If I should die from this trifling cold

Remember not the things of old,
nor the things that were meant to unfold.
My future is bright.
Do not weep or mourn.
Well, perhaps you might walk about
A little forlorn,
For a time.

But remember my joie de vivre,
My smile and my charm,
Of which I promise I meant no harm.
My sense of humor has oft done me in.
My reputation gone like the wind.

‘Twas but a lark.
‘Twas merely my wit.
I prefer to call it a gift.

The Lord above keeps me now,
As he always did.
In his arms, I am safe and warm.
As snug as a bug in a rug (I was lacking a rhyming scheme).
No 40 below, no 40 above.
The weather here is mild,
Like a dove.

But  in O-town,
The winter festival is here.
Enoy Winterlude and the ice sculptures
I never got to see.
Enjoy them today as they will
Melt into pools of water soon,
And by soon I mean, this afternoon.

Ah yes, I will miss this Ottawa weather.
-30 with a wind chill on Tuesday,
And +1 with rain on Wednesday.

Pity me, for I cannot even complain here.
The sun is bright and warm,
Never scorching.
It never rains on Jesus.
God is seated firmly on his throne.
The angels sing in melodious tune.
The wind the Holy Spirit sends blows
No stronger than 2 km per hour,
No one here has ever been frost bitten.

To what can I liken heaven?
It is like lying in the sandbanks
in Prince Edward County,
In a warm current,
So long as you remain
Upstream from that old grizzly,

As for me, no more sneezing,
No more runny nose,
No more watery eyes.
My box of tissue will spend eternity
On my night stand never empty,
In that room beyond,
That place prepared just for me.

There are people here,
I haven’t seen in years.
And others I have never met.
Why yesterday I played,
A game of baseball with my cousin Timmy*,
And some prophets of old.
(I suspect the scorekeeper,
 King David, cheated.)

“So chin up”, I say.
“Do not be sad and blue,
You’ve mourned enough.
I am quite content.”

*Timmy died at the age of 13. I was 4. His step-grandfather Orval Prophet, wrote a song entitled, “Will There Be A  Little League In Heaven?”