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Here Comes Pauly – Part I

Let me begin with my arguments on why I do not believe that Paul is a misogynist.

People usually argue that he was sexist because he said that a woman should not speak in church or teach a man. Here’s the thing. In Paul’s day, women had not been allowed into church. All of a sudden a whole new world was opened up to them, and they asked questions. It was just that they would question their husbands while in church. The husbands complained. Paul’s response was for women to wait until they get home, and then ask their questions. (I also don’t like it when people talk during a sermon, so I can’t really blame the husbands on this front.)

As to the second point, women had no formal education. How could they be expected to teach a man?

That said, Paul exhorts Timothy’s mother and grandmother, affirming that Timothy’s faith was instilled in him by these two women. He says, “I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now, I am sure dwells in you as well” (2 Timothy 1:5)

Context is important. I know that some churches still do not allow women to be leaders, or preachers based on this text. Firstly, I would argue that women are called by God into these rolls of pastor, teacher, leader. I trust that women who go into ministry feel a strong calling by God. And secondly, women now have the right to education. We can go to Bible College, study the Bible, get doctorates, etc., so are now quite capable of ‘teaching’ the gospel.

There is also another story of two women taking a teacher aside and giving him right instruction. He preached on the Baptism of water, from John the Baptist, but failed to mention the Baptism with fire from the Holy Spirit. This baptism is from Jesus. After he had finished preaching, the two ladies took him aside and corrected him. He was able to learn from them. (For some reason I thought this was in one of John’s letters, but cannot find it. I also thought it was in reference to Timothy’s mother and grandmother, which propped up Paul’s praise of them.)

In Philipians, Paul says, “I entreat Eudoia and I entreat Syntyche to agree in the Lord. Yes, I ask you also, true companion, help these women, who have labored side by side with me in the gospel together with Clement and the rest of my fellow workers, whose names are in the book of life” (4:2-3). These women were fellow laborers with Paul. He did not ignore the important work they were doing, but affirmed it and acknowledged how they had worked along side of him in the gospel.

I will conclude for today. I will tackle Ephesians tomorrow. It’s a biggie!


I have just spent the last few hours trying to update some blogging/website issues. God provided a tech-y person to help me. I am extremely thankful and grateful. I definitely would not have been able to do this on my own. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. You know who you are!!

He also convinced me to turn my name into a domain for business purposes. I was just praying, “God, please let this be the right thing to be doing.” These extra things cost money.

I sent him to a website belonging to a professional writer, so he could see how she set things up as an example for my site. He noticed that she has two websites. One, for blogging, a more ‘personal’ site, and a second one for business.

Thank you, Lord.

I love it when God answers prayers quickly. I find those are the one that are unexpected. Not sure why God does this – the prayers I want him to answer quickly, he seems to take his time on. The ones I throw up in the air, he gets back to me right away. Really God, really?

I know it probably has something to do with patience and faith, but for more days than I would like to confess, I seem to be short on both accounts.

I will say this though. It shows me that God is listening. On one hand, it means I should probably watch my mouth, but on the other hand, it means he cares enough about me to listen to everything I have to say to him. And, it must mean that my prayers are in the works. He will answer all of them in due time. Of course, some will be “Yes” and some will be “No”. That’s okay. I am growing a little bit at a time while waiting.

And, imagine this – he can listen to all of us at the same time. Amazing!

All this is to say that I am plum-tuckered-out. So, my rant about why Paul is not a misogynist will have to wait until tomorrow. I’m just happy to put some words on paper today.

Sweet success!

Continuing to Suspend Disbelief

Well, I think I should clarify my last post. When I said, “Even if you don’t believe it”. I should have explained to what the “it” referred. Or maybe it’s self explanatory? At any rate, I was referring to whether you believe that Jesus was the Son of God, he changed the world.

It struck me yesterday that if it wasn’t for the Resurrection, nothing would have changed. (Again, pretend you’re at a Sylvester Stallone movie suspending your disbelief.) The Apostles went back to their day jobs. After Jesus’ death, we find John and Peter fishing when the resurrected Jesus appears to them. I imagine that the women would have also gone back to the way things were previously, that husbands would have treated their wives the same way as before, not allowing them to worship with them, etc.

Paul’s assertion that we are all one in Christ is amazing. He just blew away all of those divisions and essentially said, “You, Masters, must stand before the same God, along with your servants, on Judgment Day”. Talk about a blow to the ego.

One of the reasons I have stuck around Christianity, in spite of all the backlash, nasty comments, etc., is for this: I went to a gathering of the churches. Down in the front row, there was a white man. A black man approached him, and they greeted each other with smiles and hugs as if they were really brothers. It was clear to me that they did not see each other’s colour. I sat there and watched the “scene” unfold. Later, I asked my friend if she saw the two men. She said, “No”. I was atonished saying, “But they were right there. How could you not have seen them?” These two men, by the world’s standards should not have been so huggy and warm to one another. No one had scored a goal, made a touchdown, hit a grand slam… But, they knew Christ Jesus.

Seeing these two “brothers” is what made me think that Christianity was different. God comes and demolishes divisions of race, gender, etc., that we humans establish. This is part of the reason why I love this God of Israel.

Another reason why I decided to stick with Jesus is that he changed things in three short years. The feminists have been going about it for a much longer time, and I find it hard to say I can see real results and change. ‘When God opens a door no man can close it, and when God closes a door, no man can open it.’ Sure, I have the right to education, etc., but do I feel valued and loved? Not really.

And, so like Paul said, “There is neither white nor black, there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither male nor female…”

To give you a bit more background on my own personal experience, there was a point in my faith journey where I just had to go for it. I could no longer sit on the fence. I had to be all in our all out. I decided to believe what these men in the Bible were telling me they had seen and heard about Jesus was true. And, if the world thinks I am crazy, then so be it.

It also helped me to learn that Billy Graham had problems with the Bible. He too did not understand why some things were in there and had his questions and doubts. I thought, ‘Billy Graham? Well, if Billy Graham could get on with it and trust in God’s goodness, then so could I.”

It was actually quite freeing. I could read the Bible and be okay asking questions, having doubts, saying along with Moses, “But God, why did you smite those two men, who simply put their hands out to steady the Ark of the Covenant after going over a bump in the road? It was a human response. No slight intended to you, God.” It was a pretty ‘over-the-top’ reaction on God’s part to show that He does not need us. (Again, probably more going on in the story.) But, it does not really reflect the God that I think of, God as my Father.

And herein lies the problem. Some of us probably do think of God being like our Fathers. For some, we have fathers, who would not think twice of beating us into submission. Some by words and some by deeds. And, so this story shows God as a quick to anger and judging God. But, in the Old Testament we are also told that God is “slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love”. Otherwise, we’d all end up as little piles of ashes! So, this “slow to anger” assertion must be a better reflection of God’s character.

As I write this, the only certain thing that I know in this world is that God is good! Sometimes people in the church are not, but we just have to weed those ones out. It takes a bit of work, but it’s worth it.

I think tomorrow’s blog is going to be about why Paul is not a misogynist. I may rant a bit, or rather a lot. It’s been on my heart for awhile. My Pauly gets a bad rap, and like Anthrax sings, “We’re not gonna take it anymore…” I’m head-banging, which is funny because I’m more of a Luther Vandross kind of woman.

Now where else could you go to get a dose of Christianity with an Anthrax ending? Either this is the most awesome blog ever or the most random. I’ll let you decide, whilst I make some tea on this rainy Sunday.

Jesus – The First Feminist?

To continue with the feminist theme, I was just thinking about my university days. I took a seminar class called: Female and Male Voices in Early Modern England. It was taught by a young feminist. I had already taken a class with her, and quite liked her. The course itself sounded interesting, so I decided to take it.

We were studying on particular work by a female author, Rachel Speght. The editors comment on her knowledge of the Bible along with her “self-respect as a woman”.

Essentially, there was sexist pamplet called “Joseph Swetnam’s Arraignment of Lewd, Idle, Froward, and Unconstant Women”. Her response is “A Muzzle for Melastomus”, which reveals her wit, strength, vivacity and intellect. I might argue that in some cases, he has a point, but the generalizations of his assertions needed a rebuttle and Rachel came through!

The reason why I mention this is because I wondered how much God influenced Rachel. Her father was a Rector. As mentioned above, the editors of this anthology tell us her knowledge of the Bible was great.

I went through a period in my life where I allowed myself to get swept away in the feminist current. Having an alcholic father, who constantly disappointed me throughout my childhood. I.e. last minute cancelled visits to receiving really nasty messages on my phone as an adult. You can imagine that it wouldn’t take much for me to get riled up and angry at men.

But, I remember having a thought that I might be a mother some day. I might have a son, and did I really want him to bear the load of my anger or feel that he was inferior or bad simply because he was a boy. I knew the anger at men would have to go.

I think it was this realization that has made me sympathetic to the plight of men in today’s culture and society. We women tell men that we can do things better. We get things done, and then complain when men don’t ‘help out’. I think we may have partly created the problem. I remember a friend telling me her husband was trying to help around the house, and she would go behind him and “fix” what he had done. I said, “He’s helping. Let him!”

As we studied Speght in class, her poem talked about wisdom and knowledge. I remember one day in class, I said that the Bible says that God founded the earth by wisdom and knowledge, by her, he founded the world. (Might be in Proverbs.) I stressed that the words “wisdom and knowledge” were gendered female, to which one of my female classmates said, “That’s because Eve wanted wisdom and so it is a negative association.” I replied, “But, it says God founded the world on wisdom and knowledge. That’s not a negative association. It’s actually quite the opposite.” She looked down, and let out a sigh as though she was given new insight and information into a “God” she has been taught to “hate” for lack of a better word.

When I returned to God in my thirtieth year, I would not have expected that it would be this “male God”, who would begin to change me and soften my heart. I had been taught in university that God was a male-God, for men, not for women.

But Jesus challenges all that nonsense. In a time when women’s testimony meant nothing – women could not testify in court in Jesus’ day – after he had risen he appeared to women. (Now, if you are reading this as an unbeliever – just willingly suspend your disbelief for a second – like you were at at Sylvester Stallone movie – just like that.)

On the third day after his crucifixion the women went to the grave to annoint Jesus’ body as per the Jewish custom. When they arrived they found the stone rolled away from the tomb. Suddenly, angels appeared telling them that Jesus was not there, that he had risen. They ran to tell the disciples what had happened. Peter and John ran to the tomb and found it just as the women had told them. Then they returned to the upper room. Mary Magdelene stayed behind, however, and Jesus appeared to her. She believed he was the gardener, and weeping, asked him where he had taken Jesus’ body. He said her name, “Mary” and suddenly she knew it was her Lord. He said to her, “Do not cling to me for I have not yet ascended to the Father, but go to my brothers and say to them, ‘I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.'” (John 20:17)

That’s pretty amazing that Jesus would entrust his resurrection and ascension to a woman. He would later scold his male disciples for their unbelief.

Jesus’ resurrection not only saved humanity from their sins reconciling us to God, but also reconciled us to each other. Paul asserts, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28). His life, death and resurrection changed the world, whether you believe it or not.

I had the privelege of studying Milton’s Paradise Lost after becoming Christian. I had studied it previously, but it didn’t inspire the same awe. It was written in iambic pentameter. Each line has 10 syllables. And, in case you were counting there are 12 books. It’s long. He invoked the Holy Spirit prior to writing it. No kidding!!

He ended his book on a very interesting and profound note. After Adam and Eve had fallen, they essentially tried to blame someone or something else when confronted by God. Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the serpent… When they had reconciled themselves to the fact they had both wronged God, they left the garden, hand in hand. It was this beautiful image of man and woman, together leaving Eden to begin life separate from God.

Let me end with Milton’s words (from Paradise Lost Book XII):

Descended, Adam to the Bowre where Eve
Lay sleeping ran before, but found her wak’t;
And thus with words not sad she him receav’d.

Whence thou returnst, and whither wentst, I know; [ 610 ]
For God is also in sleep, and Dreams advise,
Which he hath sent propitious, some great good
Presaging, since with sorrow and hearts distress
Wearied I fell asleep: but now lead on;
In mee is no delay; with thee to goe, [ 615 ]
Is to stay here; without thee here to stay,
Is to go hence unwilling; thou to mee
Art all things under Heav’n, all places thou,
Who for my wilful crime art banisht hence.
This further consolation yet secure [ 620 ]
I carry hence; though all by mee is lost,
Such favour I unworthie am voutsaft,
By mee the Promis’d Seed shall all restore.

So spake our Mother Eve, and Adam heard
Well pleas’d, but answer’d not; for now too nigh [ 625 ]
Th’ Archangel stood, and from the other Hill
To thir fixt Station, all in bright array
The Cherubim descended; on the ground
Gliding meteorous, as Ev’ning Mist
Ris’n from a River o’re the marish glides, [ 630 ]
And gathers ground fast at the Labourers heel
Homeward returning. High in Front advanc’t,
The brandisht Sword of God before them blaz’d
Fierce as a Comet; which with torrid heat,
And vapour as the Libyan Air adust, [ 635 ]
Began to parch that temperate Clime; whereat
In either hand the hastning Angel caught
Our lingring Parents, and to th’ Eastern Gate
Led them direct, and down the Cliff as fast
To the subjected Plaine; then disappeer’d. [ 640 ]
They looking back, all th’ Eastern side beheld
Of Paradise, so late thir happie seat,
Wav’d over by that flaming Brand, the Gate
With dreadful Faces throng’d and fierie Armes:
Som natural tears they drop’d, but wip’d them soon; [ 645 ]
The World was all before them, where to choose
Thir place of rest, and Providence thir guide:
They hand in hand with wandring steps and slow,
Through Eden took thir solitarie way.

A day off…

I decided to take a day off from blogging yesterday. I felt like I needed a rest. Today I feel like I need gelato. I was at the grocery store and resisted the temptation to buy ice cream (even though I swear I have a sore throat). Some nice hot tea should do the trick.

I began watching My Fair Lady yesterday. You know what I like about films like My Fair Lady and Shakespeare’s play The Taming of the Shrew? They are not politically correct.

In this age of political correctness, I yearn for some freedom from all the constraints placed on me. And, for other’s freedom too! We are different. It’s okay.

In the two stories mentioned above, the target is women. It feeds my anti-feminist cravings. Now, I am going to make a disclaimer here. I am thankful to Emily Murphy, Nellie McClung, Irene Parlby, Louise McKinney and Henrietta Muir Edwards, who fought for my right to be considered a “person” in Canada. I greatly admire and respect the Suffragettes. They really put a lot on the line for us.

Here’s what Emily had to say: “We want women leaders today as never before. Leaders who are not afraid to be called names and who are willing to go out and fight. I think women can save civilization. Women are persons.”

I’m not entirely sure I buy the “I think women can save civilization” comment. It was only her opinion afterall. I believe it will take both men and women working together, side by side, shoulder to shoulder. I understand in saying this, that it is men who work best “shoulder to shoulder”. I think men are feeling intimidated by us independent and strong women.

I just don’t like the current wave of academic feminism. They did themselves in when I read Gertrude Stein’s “Whole Woman”. She was trying to shame her fellow Americans by stating other nations that have had women leaders. She said something like, “Even Canada has had a woman Prime Minister, Kim Campbell.”

I put the book down at this point in disbelief. That is stretching the truth. Yes, Kim Campbell was the P.M. for a rather short duration. We, the people of Canada did not vote for her, but rather the Conservative Party of Canada. Due to Brian Mulroney’s unpopularity, they knew the Conservative party was going down. “Let’s not put in Jean Charest, the guy we really want, but let’s let Kim take the fall.”

And, fall she did, to our beloved Jean Chretien of the Liberal party. If I am not mistaken, I believe Kim’s reward for “taking the fall” was a nice cushy diplomatic position in California. (I am not saying Kim was not worthy to be P.M. The woman is smart and has some serious credentials to her name.) It’s just that we did not vote for her. I thought, “Well, if they lied about this, then what else have they lied about?”

I realized at this point that the feminists like everyone have an agenda. They lost my trust.

So, here’s what I believe to be a viable solution: Women, we need to meet men where they are at. I know we love talking, but maybe it’s time for action. If we want to see an end to poverty, hunger, homelessness, etc., then maybe we should work shoulder to shoulder with men? If we show men that we are not trying to compete with them, then maybe things will finally get done. Communication is important, don’t get me wrong, but as I write this, I feel it is time to build the bridge. Someone has to do it.

Come on, we’re girls, we can do anything, right?

Not quite sure how I got from My Fair Lady to let’s work with men shoulder to shoulder. Maybe it was this song, A Hymn to Him? Check it out for yourself!

Please feel free to drop me a line. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Golden Nuggets

To continue in the theme of movies for a bit, I made myself laugh with my “Golden Age of Hollywood” spiel. My assertion that something is missing today reminded me of the movie, Midnight in Paris. The main character believed the Golden Age of writers and artists was Paris in the 1920’s. For whatever reason, it also had to be raining. Moral: the Golden Age is the age we are living in right now, the present.

We have to try and find those little golden nuggets, dig them out like buried treasure, and then treasure them.

I think of writers like Alice Munro, who is now retired, but very much in our day and age. She is definitely a Canadian Golden Nugget.

I was also thinking about the future of film, books, etc., and I feel quite hopeful. (There are always improvements and strides to be made – I am not a fan of 50 Shades of Grey. I will not read the book or see the film (which is probably in the works). I will not.) But, that said, I took a screenwriting camp at the local college. There were two young guys, 19-20 years old, who had ideas which were amazingly creative, unique and interesting. There was no bloodshed, sex, violence. They were good stories, and even though they were not in my preferred genre, I wanted to see the films.

As technology evolves, how we view movies, books, etc., will change, but we, the people, do not change. On one hand this thought kind of depresses me, but at the same time we can pick up a (good) book written in India in the 1940’s and identify with the protagonist. It is universal. Despite our differences of culture, race, ethnicity, etc., we all have similar desires and needs. That is amazing!

One time in church we were singing a hymn. It was written in the 1890’s. One of the lines said something like, “And, help us slow down or busy lives to worship you.” I thought, really? What was there to do in the 1890’s but worship God? Survive?

In our fast-paced technological world, it made me feel connected to those living in a completely different world than I inhabit. It also made me realize that we have similar struggles, no matter what time or place of birth.

Very cool!

So, I am now going to go out and find some golden nuggets. I suspect I may find them in a gelato shop. Who wants to come with? 🙂


I have been watching a lot of movies lately. Partly because it is my homework, but mostly because they are highly entertaining.

I really do quite like classic movies. I went to see It Happened One Night with Clark Gable and some ridiculously gorgeous classic Hollywood starlet. Seriously, there was this one scene, where she is lying down, the moonlight softly streaming down on her, and WOW, gorgeous. I guess part of it has to do with lighting, camera angle, etc.,but she looked classically beautiful. Audrey Hepburn had it in spades. My gosh, even in black capris and a black top, Audrey Hepburn looked amazing (from Sabrina). I just can’t really think of anyone today, who has that kind of classic look. Maybe Marion Cotillard? But, that’s probably just my French bias. Je m’excuse…

And, the men. My friend and I were at a book reading, and the restaurent had a picture of Humphrey Bogart on the wall. I looked at the picture and said, “Is that my Humphrey Bogart?” to which my friend answered, “Yes, that is our Humphrey Bogart.” I hate having to share a dead man, even with close friends. But, he just had that something that seems to be missing today. A word I learned in American English class – ineffable – there are just no words to describe it –

Maybe it was the era? I have some pictures of my grandparents from when they were dating. There’s this one picture with my grandma, my grandma’s brother and my grandpa. My grandmother looks like a starlet. She is gorgeous. And, her brother, Joe – What a hottie! He would have given Humphrey a run for his money. And, my grandpa looked quite fetching in his suit – the tall, dark, handsome, mysterious man.

It makes me want to throw caution to the wind, study them, and turn myself into a classic beauty. I just bought red lipstick. A good place to start.

But, then that voice in my head says, “Right, this from the woman, who just bought a birthday card with a picture of a little doggie, saying, “My present to you is my cuteness. Go head. Soak it in.” Well, red lipstick or not, clearly that day is not today.


It’s Monday. I almost forgot to blog today. I was working on the screenplay bits. All those little niggly-details that need to be darn-near-perfect to get someone interested in reading the screenplay. No pressure.

Fortunately, I did what I was supposed to do regarding the logline, a one-sentence encapsulation of the story. You write quite a few versions of it and then send it off to friends to review. I got some positive feed-back, and one person even wants to read the screenplay. Success!

After writing my Mother’s Day blog, my mom wrote me a note. She just talked about how wonderful a daughter I am, how she hopes I will be a mother some day, and how the first time the nurse put me in her arms, she knew I was special.

I wanted my mom to see herself the way I see her and how God sees her, but then I realize I need to work on this for myself too.

People say such kind and wonderful things about me, but I still have that off-feeling, like, “But, if you really knew me…” Maybe this feeling is the human common denominator. We put up our walls to keep other people out, but we do reveal our true selves to others whether we like it or not. It comes out by what we say, how we react, our facial expressions. We can’t really hide from each other, so I wonder if we should just stop trying to. Seems a bit radical. We all have stuff. I am not suggesting we share everything with everyone. Some people are not safe. (Fortunately, they too will reveal themselves, so you’ll know who they are.)

But, I like realness. Walls become barriers to real intimate friendships and relationships.

So, friends, I think I am giving you permission to call me on my walls. Just yell, “Wall!”
Or, maybe try walking around me seven times and see what happens. Or, maybe it’s Monday and I’m tired, and I’ll regret this blog in the morning…

To my Mama…

Today is Mother’s Day. I wasn’t going to write on the topic of mothers because it’s a bit of a sad day for me. One Mother’s Day I went to visit my mom. We went to church, and as they were handing out gifts to mothers, I bowed my head to avoid eye contact. It was a sudden reminder that I have a desire to be a mom. I am now 39 and as I get older, the practicality of that desire becoming a reality diminishes. I would love to adopt, but I just can’t afford to do it on my own. At least for right now. But, it is always close to my heart.

I called my Mom this morning to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. We spoke on the phone yesterday, so she thought I would not be calling her today. It made her day.

Generally speaking I have a good mom. She’s not perfect, but she loves me. She supports me in my choices, keeps her mouth shut when she does not (most times), allows me to make mistakes, and just keeps on giving love and good sound advice.

It’s been hard with her mental illness and schizophrenia, but I hear stories of other people’s mothers and I think, “My mom may have schizophrenia, but you’re mama’s crazy!”

My mom never finished high school, she suffers from an illness that makes it impossible for her to work (as constant hospitalizations while attempting to work outside the home) testify, but she has never once tried to hold me back. She has always wanted me to keep moving forward, to strive to do my best, and to know that that is good enough. She has always been on my side, cheering me on.

She encouraged me to be myself, which implies that “myself” is just perfect the way it is.

One day when I came home crying, saying that a schoolyard bully had hit me or threw sand at me, she said, “Well, if he does it again, hit him.” So, I did. When she received a call from the teacher, my mom had my back. And, it worked. He stopped his bullying.

Being in an abusive relationship, my mom did not want that for her baby, so she was showing me how to stand up for myself. That worked too. When I entered into a bad relationship, which eventually led to the guy throwing a baseball cap at me (it really hurt), I broke up with him. I could put up with a lot, but not physical abuse… My mom’s lesson taught me well.

My mom also taught me how to be strong and to stand up for what I believe in. In a family where you keep quiet, she stood up to her family when it was not an easy thing to do. She definitely took a hit for doing it, but she modeled strength and perserverance. She would not back down despite the repercussions. She stood strong in her convictions and beliefs.

The mother-daughter relationship is a difficult one. She does sometimes drive me crazy, but as I grow older, I begin to realize how very remarkable my mother is. She showed great strength and courage leaving an abusive relationship, she asks for help when she needs it, she takes her medication, knowing it will help her. She has even quit smoking (no small feat!).

My wish and prayer for you, Mom, is that you would see yourself as I see you, but more importantly that you would see yourself as God sees you.

You are truly “fearfully and wonderfully made”. God bless you! Happy Mother’s Day!!

This is just a tid-bit of how wonderful my mother is – I would be happy to hear your stories/remembrances as well.

Today’s blog brought to you by…

Kellogs Corn Flakes. Am I shamelessly trying to get a Kellog’s sponsorship? I don’t really know why I picked Kellogs. Heinz would work. French’s mustard. Captain High Liner. Ben & Jerry’s.

Mmm… Today was grocery day; hence, the obsession with food, which makes for a good topic! I love food. All food, foods that are ‘good’ for me and foods that are ‘bad’ for me. It’s called balance. I love fruit, veggies, chicken, salmon, chocolate, gelato, pastries… I could go on and on and on…

But, I have been trying to see food differently. A few years ago I lost quite a bit of weight, was looking and feeling fine when my friend burst my bubble. She asked me if I were anorexic and told me this was what some co-workers were saying about me. I was astonished. It’s kind of one of those things where you can’t argue against the charge. When you say, “No, I’m not anorexic,” you’re in denial. It made me quite angry. I was also hurt when my friend demanded to know my weight when I was going for a doctor’s appointment. She actually thought I had lied to her.

To be honest, I lost the weight in a healthy way. I got some extra exercise by walking at lunch, taking the stairs in my apartment building and going to the gym three times a week. I also did not have a snack before going to bed. It worked. I also have genetics on my side. Sorry. Women in my family are petite. We’re small framed. It is what it is…

Whenever I am accused of something that is false, I always want to yell, “That’s not the problem. The problem is this…” In this instance, my problem is yo-yo dieting, which is why I have deciced the buck stops here. I am no longer going to be enslaved to this pattern. It is not healthy to keep gaining and losing 15 pounds. That’s my real problem. Not anorexia.

So, I am trying to change how I think about food. This story helps put things into perspective for me. I have heard a couple different pastors in church asserting that we produce enough food to feed everyone in the world. Not one single person anywhere on this planet should die today from starvation. Not one. The weight of this statement burdens me. As I sit here, I am getting teary-eyed thinking about the implications of it. I confess it feels beyond my capability to see this truth become a reality.

Our Pastor also talked about how our fear leads us to hoard. We are afraid to share, afraid that we ourselves will go hungry.

I don’t quite know the answer, but maybe a good place to start is to look at food differently. I have been making an attempt to waste nothing or as little as possible, and not buy more food than I can consume. I am guessing that most of us are not professional athletes or sumo wrestlers, so how much food do we need to consume on a daily basis anyway? We are probably eating more than necessary.

This feels like a good start. And, pray, “pray without ceasing” that God would open our hearts to share with those less fortunate at home and around the world.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, please feel free to drop me a line or comment.