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Oh to be single! Oh wait…

I am single!

Hi there!

For the next little while, I am going to be posting on singleness. The subject seems a bit taboo (according to a good friend of mine).  No one really seems to want to tackle it.

I confess that I partly want to use this blog as a forum for singles for self-interest.  (Not sure if that’s really the right wording.)  Essentially, I have an opportunity to speak on singleness, so I need to start putting thoughts onto paper.  Or, in this case into the blog.

My hope is that we could begin a dialogue on the issues or feelings that I will express.

There will be questions at the end of each post.  I would appreciate any comments or thoughts that you have in answer to the questions.  Your thoughts and feelings are important and valuable to me.  Not just because I am using this to gather information, but because I am single.  I know how you feel because I am living it too.

Maybe we can just trek along together for awhile?    I think part of what makes this life journey better is knowing we are not alone!  Sound good?

I should also add a disclaimer here:   I reserve the right to use your comments in future speaking engagements and/or books/pamphlets that I may(will) write.  (Must stay positive!)  🙂

Take care!


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