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100th Post


Somehow, I have managed to make it to 100 posts.  It took me a long while though. Probably longer than it should have.  But, hey, I made it.

I like the story of The Tortoise and The Hare.

In case you have forgotten, the hare was boasting about how fast he could run, and how slow the tortoise was.  Finally, the tortoise answered back, “Who do you think you are? There’s no denying you’re swift, but even you can be beaten!” 

The hare laughed, and boldly declared himself “speedy” and dared the tortoise to accept the challenge, which the tortoise did.   A “course was planned and the next day at dawn they stood at the starting line.”

Now, here’s where the Hare gets himself into trouble.  Seeing as how slow the tortoise is, the hare decides to take a nap.  When he wakes up from his nap, he sees that the tortoise is still not that far off from him, so he decides to have some breakfast too.  Then, with his belly full, he decides he needs to have another nap.

Finally, (and probably groggy too), he wakes up and sees the tortoise in the far distance. Now, he has a lot of ground to make up for…and, he cannot do it!  Ta da!!


Oh,the poor hare!

Because of my back issue, I have been forced to slow down.  This means that things like my aspirations of writing have also been forced to slow down.   I can only do so much.  I only have so much energy to expend.

The problem is that I feel the pressure from the outside world to keep up to their pace.  They tell me age is against me, to hurry up, to get it done already…

I also have to fight my own mind, and resist the pressure of comparing myself to what and how others are doing.  Other writers seem to be on ‘fire’, producing a prolific amount of work, while I am just a little ‘kindling’.  (The only consolation is writing is that it is difficult to break in no matter how much work you’re producing…so sad!!)

It’s hard to look at this children’s story through adult eyes, and believe that this could actually be possible.  I would like to believe that in the end, I will persevere, that I will win the race in spite of my limited abilities, and consequently smaller writing portfolio.

Reason says it is impossible.  My imagination says it is possible.  I like my imagination better.

So,  today I am throwing reason out of the window for something better – Hope – Who will join me?

Question:  Do you have a moment or moments in your life where you won the race in spite of the odds?

By the way, I mean no ill-will to those who are writing up a storm.  We writers are in this together!!!



For Paul


I was just reminded by a loyal reader that I must keep on top of this blogging thing.  Just feeling a bit out of sorts lately.

My uncle passed away – darn cancer – he is now at peace, no more pain…and, I was blessed with a really cute picture of my aunt, uncle and myself together from 2 Saturdays ago.  We really did look very cute, if I do say so myself!!

Do any of you follow the World Cup?  I’m picking Brazil.  I know.  I know, I am going out on a limb here.  I actually don’t know much about soccer, except Brazil is a power-house, and apparently have Jesus on their side.  Well, that explains why they keep winning…




Canada did not fare so well this time.  As some of you know, we did not make it into the World Cup.  Canada?  Jesus?  Just puttin’ it out there…

As far as I see it, the problem is that our Canadian boys get too hyped up on hockey.  Come on, Canuckleheads! Put down those hockey skates and pick up a pair of cleats for Pete’s sake!  We need to cheer you on on the soccer field too!!!

That said, I have a sponsored child in Honduras, so I am officially cheering for Honduras. In case you’re interested, here’s the scoop:

The key players

Left-back Emilio Izaguirre was the find of the 2010/11 season for Celtic – named Scottish Premier League Player of the Year – and is a key force within Honduras’s respectable backline. He is helped by captain and goalkeeper Noel Valladares who, despite a shy off-the-field personality, played an instrumental role in Honduras’s qualification for South Africa 2010 and their deep run at the latest instalment of the Gold Cup. Wilson Palacios, one of the more recognisable faces of Honduran football playing for Stoke City, is also a crucial piece of the Honduran puzzle.

The front line have been doing their bit too, where old hand Carlo Costly has impressed alongside rising star Jerry Bengtson, who burst on to the international scene at London 2012 and top-scored for La H in the qualifiers with nine goals.

Honduras got beat by France – 3-0.  Sigh…I do tend to cheer on the underdog, so turns out Honduras is a good fit for me.

The thing I like about sports is the camaraderie.  I like that you have a group of people working toward a similar goal.  In the case of soccer, or rather football, pardon me and the pun, they are quite literally working toward a goal or two, or even better, three…

In sports, there is unity.  I like unity.  I like structure.  I like order.  I am somewhat dull…

But, sports can also be  spontaneous and unpredictable.  That part I don’t like so much. Unless I am on the spontaneous and unpredictable side that has just scored a game-winning-goal…then bring on the spontaneity!!

Anyhoo, here is the official link to the World Cup, so you can find out all the information you need to:

Happy FIFA World Cup, 2014 Everyone!