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A Bribe is a Bribe is a Bribe

Hi there,

Sorry for the long title.  It felt like it needed to go on and on into infinity…because that’s how corruption and bribery feel to me.

As you all know, Senator Mike Duffy was found not-guilty.  I was watching the news and heard this statement the judge made as part of the reasoning behind the verdict.

Are you ready? Here it is:  the “cheque benefited the Harper government.”

Now, being a Potvin (which is a neat little French slang word for “Bribe”), I like to think that I know a thing or two on that subject matter.

For starters, that’s kind of the freakin’ point to a bribe! It benefits the briber.

And, just in case my name didn’t entirely convince you of my authority on the matter, here’s  what Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary says about the word bribe, “persuade (someone) to act in one’s favor, typically illegally or dishonestly, by a gift of money or other inducement.”

And, let’s go all out here and take it to the next level. I know, it’s madness you say, but I’m going to do it.

If you take a bribe, you become complicit in the act of bribery.  It is a mutually beneficial relationship!

There I said it.

I really wish we would just hold people accountable. I’m not sure how to do it. I’ve just picked up a book at the library called, “Reclaiming the Commons for the Common Good” by Heather Menzies.  I’m loving it!  It’s about Scottish culture and how they used to have common land they would grow food on, pasture their sheep, etc.  There were rules that were followed and if  you broke the rules, you had to pay a fine.  It was self-governance and it worked well.

I think the greedy-minded corrupt people decided they wanted to own land. Property became the big thing.  (This is my interpretation of what happened.)

I  realize that Conservatives, Liberals and Socialists believe different things on global warming, environment, etc., but I really don’t think we can continue down this path. It’s just not sustainable.  Can we agree on something?

At any rate, I really do long for the day when bribery and corruption will be no more.  A line from Shakespeare  is ringing in mine ears, ”The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers” (Dick the Butcher in Henry VI, Part II, act IV, Scene II, Line 73).   I know, it’s too easy to blame lawyers for the world’s problems and technically Wallin and Duffy were journalists. And, Brazeau?  Well, that’s probably another blog…





No Means No


Whatever happened to the “No Means No” campaign?  I remember it well.

When I heard the not guilty verdict the judge issued in connection with the Ghomeshi trial, I was not surprised.  I decided not to think too much about it. It would make my hot-Latin blood boil over!

But then I read an article by my friend, Andrea Mrozek and made the mistake of talking about it to some friends.  The issue of consent came up in the conversation.  Now, to me the idea that a woman cannot consent to sexual relations when she is drunk is a no-brainer.  Of course she cannot consent – she’s intoxicated!

I walked away from that conversation and realized there is a generation of young people who need to relearn what I was taught.

I wondered if I was just born at the right time?   Maybe my  mother’s generation suffered because of the lack of education?  It is likely.

What I walked away with was a realization that we cannot let up. We cannot take it for granted that those who follow us are just going to “know” it.   Apparently, consent isn’t a no-brainer.

I started to read Tracey Lindberg’s debut novel, Birdie.  She speaks brilliantly to this point. There’s a female character who becomes involved in a sexual relationship with a man.  The sex is rough, leaving bruises on her body. In spite of knowing this is not a good relationship, she continues to go back.

The psychology of this scene and to what is going on underneath the surface is AMAZING!

In today’s age nobody would question why a woman would go back to an abusive relationship. We all know the psychological reasons as to why women stay in abusive relationships or go back “willingly”.

The same psychology happens in sexual relationships where there is physical abuse taking place.  Lindberg absolutely NAILS it.

We need to keep educating our young, old and those in-between until the physical abuse which occurs in sexual intercourse is seen as such, until it becomes a no-brainer in the psyche of our culture.

I also really wish we’d start siding with the women again…

To be quite honest, I don’t really care what the men are doing.  (I mean I care, but I don’t care. It’s up to men to tell the abusive guys to knock it off!)

I care more about women. I want us women to love ourselves, to truly believe that we are valuable and worthy to be treated well by a man.  Then, if and/or when a man strikes a woman, disrespects her, uses negative words to try and control her, tries to keep her down,
I want her to walk out on that man the FIRST time and not go back.  This is my prayer for women. All women.

Then the guys will have no one to beat on…



PS – Check out this link to Andrea Mrozek’s article, entitled, Jian Ghomeshi Should Be Judged By Public Opinion, Not Courts

Jian Ghomeshi Should Be Judged By Public Opinion, Not Courts