A Boy Named Kim

Hi there,

Like you, I’ve been keeping an eye out for the latest in the threat of nuclear war.  Terrorist attacks seem to pale in comparison to the thought of complete annihilation of a country, namely, Japan.

A good friend of mine is from Japan, and she has family and friends there still.  The world seems to be getting smaller.   It feels like we have more contact with people from all over the world.  (Maybe that’s a Canada thing?)

It suddenly came to me that the threat of dropping a nuclear bomb on Japan is doubly-cruel. The Japanese know all-too-well of the effects of a nuclear bomb.  This is a mild image compared to others.

Related image

I don’t really understand the thinking behind these weapons. Well, I kind of do.  Fear. If other nations have nuclear weapons that can be used against us, we need to protect ourselves by having nuclear weapons too.

The military know that if you go into a hostile situation with your weapons raised, it’s going to escalate the hostility and lead to violence, greater violence.

There are some that believe the best way to kick-start the economy is by war.  I most definitely disagree with this belief.

I don’t really know how to kick-start the economy, but I’m 100% confident that we, as human beings, can come up with something a hell of a lot better than war!

Or, maybe the solution is much simpler, stop giving boys girl’s names.  Kim?  Maybe if he had a strong name, like, oh, I don’t know,  George, David or Donald,  the world wouldn’t be thinking and worrying about nuclear war.  (Okay, maybe not ‘Donald’)

My theory may have a few wrinkles in it.

I don’t know about you, but I think I’m just going to keep praying.  I think of a Rohingya man in prayer (having to leave everything behind due to heavy persecution) praying, they can only look to Allah to save them.   Agreed.   So we too, must look to God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahwey…

God is our anchor, hope and peace in all of this uncertainty.   There’s always been conflict in the world. Europe has apparently not been gone without a war for more than a seventy (70) year period.

It’s baffling really.  Do we continue to fight wars because we don’t know anything else?  Are we really that greedy?  That fearful?

Human beings have created the need for soldiers. We’re the problem and yet we do nothing …

Well, I’ve really backed myself into a corner. This subject is quite depressing.  I would welcome any thoughts. Maybe we can start a forum – Ideas on how we can really put an end to war, and create sustainable peace.

To lighten the mood a little, here’s Johnny Cash singing, A Boy Named Sue.  🙂



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Elizabeth was born in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Growing up on a dairy farm gave her plenty of opportunity to develop an imagination, and an appreciation for cheese. Currently, Elizabeth is seeking representation for a screenplay called, Cornelia Mews and the Apostle's Scrolls, an action adventure set in Turkey. She is also working on a second project called, The Great Divorce, about a woman, who discovers her husband is a descendant of the infamous Dunrobinson clan! Will their marriage survive a 400-year old massacre?