A World Without Borders

Hello Readers,

I’ve been pretty annoyed by everything that is happening in the world.  (But, at least it’s got me blogging again!)

Given my annoyance, I have some suggestions on how the world would be a better place. Here they are:

  1.  My first recommendation is for world leaders to stop acting like they’re 12-years old. I’m not just talking about Donald Trump, here people.  What about Vladimir Putin and his, ‘Oh yeah, you’re going to kick us out of our diplomatic posts in San Francisco, etc., Well, we’re going to kick the same number of American diplomats out of Russia + 1.  Take that Donny.’  Really?  And, then there was the American-Russian race to the moon. Don’t even get me started…
  2.  My second recommendation is to erase all the borders on the planet. Everywhere.  Just take a giant erasure and go to town.  Let the kids do it. It’ll keep them out of your hair while you’re watching Game of Thrones.  Here’s a picture of what that would look like:

Related image

The reason I would argue for a world without borders is this:  If we continue to look at people as being from this place or that place, different from ourselves, and not as human beings, we will NEVER get anywhere.  We are inter-connected, whether you like it or not. We share the same universal need for unconditional love, acceptance and are likely in need of some form of healing.

I once spoke with a German man, whose family fled Germany after World War II.  He said, “People do not want to leave their homes, families, communities, lives.”    (See all you anti-immigration people, if you just told your governments to make the world a safer place to live,  and did not tolerate aggressive acts, no one would come and live in your WASPy or pure European-blooded country  – Note sarcasm.)

All that to say, people do not want to have their lives uprooted and move to a foreign country.   For the most part, people are forced to leave due to the circumstances.

That’s about all I have to say on the subject.  We’re all in this together, like a sports team, whether it be cricket, baseball, football, American football, hockey, we’re going to have to work together eventually, so why not now?

Otherwise, it’s looking like China is on the cusp of becoming the world’s next super power.  Just look at the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, calling for the U.S. and North Korea to cool it, saying, “Dialogue, negotiations and a political settlement are the fundamental ways of solving the Korean Peninsula’s nuclear issue” (Washington Post).

President Xi may be our best hope at present for peace.

Until we get our act together, that is.  Come on, People of the World!

Although, there is a little part of my Canadian self that thinks maybe it’s Canada’s time to be a World Superpower!!!    Check it out:

Related image

Clearly a sign from above, eh?*



* The question is rhetorical.