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I was having a conversation with a friend today about evangelicalism.

On a side note, I once had a lively discussion with someone, where I maintained that all “isms” were of man.   We went through quite a few “isms”, some Christian, others not, and finally he said, “Christianity”.  I said, “That’s not an “ism” – Christianity – “Show me the “ism”!” He couldn’t.   I love it when I win an argument. Is there anything better?


So, back to the reason why I felt the need to blog today.  My friend sent me a NY Times article, entitled, The Evangelicalism of Old White Men is Dead.  (The link to the article is below.) Essentially,  there were issues with the Christian-image or perception, so some geniuses (I use the word lightly) came up with the term “Fundamentalism”.

When the s-hit the fan, those same geniuses decided to come up with a friendlier term, “Evangelicalism”.

Well, given Donald Trump’s presidential victory to the South of us, now those same same geniuses are thinking that Christianity needs a new brand.

They’re trying to come up with another “ism”.   (Can you hear me SCREAMING??)

Haven’t they learned their lesson?  I mean, if the re-branding has failed twice, what makes them think, oh right, “Third time’s a charm”.

Okay, let’s just go with it for a minute.

I think we should start with something most people like, something that makes people feel homey, warm, fuzzy inside.  Something like Banana-Bread-Christianity.

It’s catchy. I like it. I am open to suggestions.

Banana-Nut-Bread-Christianity.  I think I like this better.  I’ve been to church – there are a lot of nuts sitting in churches.   At least half.  Statistically, there are same number of adulterers sitting in church as in Starbucks.  Just saying.  Could we just say it out loud instead of making lame excuses?

I think people would respond in a more positive way to us Christians if we just spoke the truth.  If we were real.

Have I ever mentioned how much I despise being put in a box?  When I outed myself as a Christian at work, the reaction was, “As long as you don’t try and convert me.”  I wondered if this person even knew any Christians. I mean real Christians. Not stereotypical-on-the-news-Christians.  Or Fundamentalist Christians. Or Evangelical Christians.

But, real Christians.  Chocolate-Banana-Bread-Christians.

If we have to re-brand ourselves, we should offer up some truth for a change. One of my favourite priests said, “There are good people and there are bad people sitting in the church because the doors are open to everyone.”  Amen Father!

My current pastor said that church people are the worst people, and she’d take a room full of sinners any day.

I sure hope I don’t fall into the “church people” category.

Here’s something revolutionary – Maybe we could try something like humility?  Wouldn’t that be a shocker?  Or simply say, “We’re followers of Jesus.” Plain and simple. I follow the Teacher.

Well, I gotta go now and start sinning…



Link to NY Times article:


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