Novel (Work in progress):

Forgiveness is a Four Letter Word.  Micah discovers a family secret, taking her on a journey toward healing.

Screenplays (Completed):

The Great Divorce – Can a modern-day marriage survive a 400-year old massacre? (Copyright 2014 Elizabeth Potvin)

Sweetness and Light –   A blind man finds hope from an unexpected source.  (Copyright 2014 Elizabeth Potvin)
“A blind person asked St. Anthony: “Can there be anything worse than losing eye sight?” He replied: “Yes, losing your vision!””

Cornelia Mews And The Apostle’s Scrolls – A secret agent must find ancient scrolls before they fall into the hands of an extremist religious group.  (Registration No. WGI252889 – Copyright 2012 Elizabeth Potvin)

University of Ottawa,
B.A. English 1997
B.A. Honors English 2008


Executive Producer | No Other Name
MARCH 2015
Promotional video for No Other Name gathering

Screenwriting Camp | Algonquin College
Studied the art, business and craft of screenwriting, primarily for feature film.  Critiqued classmates’ screenplays, analyzed feature films.  Through a mentor, developed my idea into a solid storyline.

Acting for Screenwriters | Barry Blake
Excelled in an intensive on-camera acting class, where I further developed on-screen presence.

Co-Editor | Sunnyside Wesleyan Church
NOVEMBER 2012 – 2015
Writing editorials for monthly newsletter, approaching writers, proofreading material, editing accordingly.


I am passionate about writing and pursuing creative endeavors.  I am a storyteller.
On a certificate I received in Grade 1, it said I had read Peter Pan to the class with “great animation”.  No wonder.  My imagination has always been captivated by tales of adventure.

My hobbies include:  Eating, reading, watching movies and working out (to balance out hobby number 1).

I am pleased to advise that I am moving forward into a new business venture.  For more information, please see

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