For the Love of God

Hi there,

I do agree with Jo’s comment.  I read these types of “letters” and I like them.  Then I go back and reread, and I think, ‘Hey, wait a minute.’

There always seems to be something left wanting in them and in me.

I have definitely felt like I have been told I am not ‘good enough’ to be with someone, and by ‘good enough’ I mean I am not yet prepared or ready.  That said, I know of some married people, who have some issues of their own, and if God were waiting for all of us to get our acts together, no one would be allowed to get married.

Another factor to consider is idolatry.  I have heard a message (I believe from Focus on the Family) where they talked about the idolatry of the soul-mate.  I agreed with them.  We can’t put anything or anyone before God. If we think that a person will make us happy or complete us, then we are wrong.  This type of thinking is going to lead to failed marriages, or in the least, unhappiness in marriage.

No one can take the place of God.  And, so I think this letter tries to stress that message.

The letter also excites my imagination.  I wonder what God is going to do in my life.  Where is God going to take me?  What adventures are waiting for me?

Yesterday, the quote from Jeremiah came to me, “For I know the plans I have for you..”  I said, “That’s great God. I only wish you would let me in on them.”

But, this letter excites me.  God says, “I’ll surprise you with a love far more wonderful than any you would dream of.”  To be quite honest, I read those words, and I thought that he was talking about God’s love, not human love, but divine love.

If we give ourselves fully to God, he is going to come in and overflow us with His love!  It’s going to be overwhelming!!  OVERWHELMING!!

I know he says at the beginning of that statement, “when you’re ready”, but maybe we have to receive the love of God, before we can truly receive the love from another human being.

A lot of us have difficulty with the receiving part.  I feel like this letter is saying, “Open yourself up to Me.  Let Me in.  Let Me love you.  “Believe it and be satisfied.””

This wisdom if for not only the unmarried but also the married.  Most of us could probably use a lot more of God’s love in our lives, or rather, we could all benefit from feeling the love of God in our lives.

Question:  Have you ever experienced the love of God in a tangible, overwhelming  way?

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