Forever Young

Hi there,

I wonder if our fascination with Twilight and vampires has anything to do with us not wanting to get old.

I was recently in a salon, where I was ‘promised’ that I could stay looking exactly as I do today if I started facial treatments.  The procedure now involves laser technology – I don’t even need to have some awful steroids or hormones, via Botox, syringed into my wrinkles. (Is “syringed” a word?)

You get the terrible picture.

When I was telling my mom, she said he was talking to the wrong person, that he should be talking to her, because she’s “vain”.

I must be vain too because I confess it’s a temptation for me.  I mean, who wants to get old and wrinkled?

Question:  Are we okay with getting old, but not okay getting wrinkles and looking old?

Is it mere vanity?  Or, is it something else?

Getting old isn’t any fun.  Things start to hurt, wear down, slow down.  It’s like your mind is off to the races, but your body doesn’t want to participate.

Sometimes, you get grumpy as you age and end up looking like this guy:

Image result for the seven dwarfs grumpy

There are so many negative images associated with getting old.

No one ever thinks about what the aging population has to offer society – years of wisdom, expertise and lessons learned.  It would be my guess that those who are getting older still loved to be challenged, and would love to learn something new.

My grandfather used to do the crossword puzzle in the newspaper every week.  He wanted to keep his brain sharp.  That said, he wanted nothing to do with getting a debit card.

I think the issue isn’t getting older.  The real issue is death.  Or rather, the fear of death.   I’ve already put in my request to have an aneurysm in my sleep.  How many of you have put in your requests as well?

Or, maybe that’s not even the real issue.  Maybe the real issue is vanity?  We all want to look young.

When I find myself worrying about my wrinkles and graying hair, I just think about my grandmothers.  I can honestly say that I think they were two of the most beautiful women I knew.

They were both very different. One was quite fashionable. She got her hair permed, wore wigs, make-up, dressed “fashionably” (for her time), while my other grandmother was more of your typical “grandma”, with knee-high stockings and floral cotton dresses.

They had such kindness and love in their eyes when they looked at me – and joy when they saw me.  They had inner beauty that shone through!

I want to be okay with getting older.  I want to continue to say that that line between my brow has character, that it took a lot of worry and furrowing of that brow over the years to get it “just-so”.

Pray for me!  I’ve already succumbed to the highlights to cover the gray, and I feel my knees bowing to the pressure, and the promise to remain forever young!


About Elizabeth Potvin

Elizabeth was born in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Growing up on a dairy farm gave her plenty of opportunity to develop an imagination, and an appreciation for cheese. Currently, Elizabeth is seeking representation for a screenplay called, Cornelia Mews and the Apostle's Scrolls, an action adventure set in Turkey. She is also working on a second project called, The Great Divorce, about a woman, who discovers her husband is a descendant of the infamous Dunrobinson clan! Will their marriage survive a 400-year old massacre?