The Trumpster

Hi there,

When Donald Trump, let’s call him, the Trumpster, becomes President of the United States of America, the first thing he’s going to do with all that power is to get rid of all the Mexicans, annex Puerto Rico, then deport all the Puerto Ricans living in the U.S. back to their sovereign nation, (you’re welcome Puerto Ricans), and then dump the Cubans off in the shark-infested coast of, well, Cuba or thereabouts.  President Trumpster doesn’t really care so long as there are sharks to eat all the Cubans…

So, when Hispanic Canadians are contemplating making October national Hispanic month, they’re probably looking ahead to the future, the near future, like two weeks into the future, when President Trumpster begins the Great Deportation, (as it will fondly be looked upon by historians when America is actually great again – as in the day when he moves out of the White House).

‘Cos you know, (insert Hitler salute), that it won’t stop there. Next, the Trumpster will have to rid America of the “miscreants” (a word I love! and coined by Major Duncanson in his infamous order of the Massacre of Glencoe, Scotland 1692), also known as the Hispanic population.  But where will all these miscreants go? you ask.

Cana-duh of course!

After all, don’t we have a wonderful history of taking in people America no longer wants, or who no longer want America?

  • Africans – Those enslaved by, hmm….how would I describe the slave owners, miscreants sounds like a decent word.
  • The Loyalists.  Those bloody miscreants, who wanted to remain loyal to Britain, and not rebel in the American Revolution.
  • The Hispanics (Coming soon to a township in Canada near you.)

Oh Canada!

  • Of course, that land stolen from the Indigenous peoples, promised by the British government to the Africans for their support, fell through.
  • Not for the White Loyalists though.  They got their land. And, good land.  Isn’t it wonderful to be White…It’s like a Winter Wonderland throughout all of history.

I’m getting side-tracked.  Back to the Trumpster.

The Trumpster will have to keep going. Next up on the Trumpster’s list – Canadians.

And, I don’t mean Canadians living in America (sing along!), I mean Canada.  the Trumpster is going to annihilate us.

Annihilate:   “to destroy (something or someone) completely” (Merriam-Webster).

But, for what? you ask.

For taking in all those miscreants I was talking about earlier, that’s for what.

So, since we’re all doomed anyway, I figure we should go out dancing and singing and shaking our bodies to the Conga!

Take it away, Gloria!