What a blessing to be single…

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I feel a rant coming on.  I just love it when single people give you advice on being single.  You would think that they wouldn’t go there, knowing what they know, and yet…

I sometime do feel like it’s a blessing being single.  I have had some conversations with couples, where the whole ‘sacrificing of self’ thing was pretty evident.

I’ll say it this way.  Let’s say I meet Mr. Wonderful on Tuesday.  (Are you listening God?)  So, I meet this guy – he is supportive of my dreams and goals.  He encourages me in my writing.  Wonderful!

So, we get married.  But we have a mortgage and a car payment, and, and…

Mr. Wonderful says I can still write, but not as a career.  It’s not practical.  It doesn’t pay the bills.

So now I’m sharpening my pencil, and looking at Mr. Wonderful in a way that should tell him he needs to sleep lightly.

Seriously though.  I have heard this kind of thing in conversations with married people.  And, have actually felt crushed in my spirit for the person who had to give up his or her dream for their partner.

It’s called life.  We make choices.  And, yes in marriage there is another person to consider.

In that light, yes, being single is great.  I get to do what I want.  I mean, I can’t quit my day job because this writing thing isn’t paying the bills (as yet).

I know it’s not practical, but who cares?

Life would be entirely boring if we made every decision in life based on whether or not it was practical.

I have heard the saying, “Do what you love, and the money will come.”  Not sure how true it is for every person doing what they love, but I like it.  And, if the money doesn’t come, so what?  I’m happy doing what I love anyway.

Writing makes me a nicer person.  And that little fact is true regardless of whether I am single or married.

Now, how to get back to the first point I made at the beginning of the blog?  Oh yes.  Single people telling me how great it is being single – so much freedom.

I will have moments where I am in a good place being single, and I will be very appreciative and thankful for my “freedom”.

I can say it, but you can’t!

I’m sorry if that seems insensitive or obnoxious.  I know you all mean well.  But, the sound of it is like a little fly buzzing around mine ear.

I may just lose it one day and swat you…just sayin’

Question:  Could a married person weigh in here?  I am sure there are some supportive husbands and wives out there.  I’d be happy to have you share some of your Adventures in Marriage!  I’d like to hear some positive stories for a change.

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Elizabeth was born in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Growing up on a dairy farm gave her plenty of opportunity to develop an imagination, and an appreciation for cheese. Currently, Elizabeth is seeking representation for a screenplay called, Cornelia Mews and the Apostle's Scrolls, an action adventure set in Turkey. She is also working on a second project called, The Great Divorce, about a woman, who discovers her husband is a descendant of the infamous Dunrobinson clan! Will their marriage survive a 400-year old massacre?

2 thoughts on “What a blessing to be single…

  1. Your ‘paying the bills’ comments leads to one of the very good things about being married. Two incomes! The money seems to roll in a lot faster when there are two paychecks instead of one. But of course, there are also two credit card bills. Hopefully your priorities are similar about where you want to spend all that extra dough, since money is one of the top three reasons marriages break up.
    Sorry, not an extirely positive comment from a married person, but it really is nice have extra – even if you do have to agree on where it goes. (I’ll come up with a more truely positive comment soon.)

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jo! Yes, two incomes would be lovely. There are certainly pros and cons to being single and for being married. When I buy a new pair of shoes, spur of the moment, I don’t have to “hide” them from my husband. 🙂 Funny story about my grandparents. My grandmother was a bit of a shopper. One day she told me that my grandfather thought that her sisters had given her a lot of her clothes. When my grandmother died, my grandfather was getting rid of all of the clothes. We were talking on the phone and he said, “Her sisters gave her a lot of clothes.” I smiled and said nothing. Not that I am encouraging you to lie to or mislead your spouse – just saying, she was able to avoid conflict. And, that’s what happy marriages are all about n’est ce pas? Feel free to correct my hallucinations!! 🙂

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